Any experiences with as server distro? Thinking about testing Fedora 32 Server with for a new server instance. Rest is

Looking for self-hosted chat software? Heard of Mattermost and Rocket.Chat? Also check out! It uses not only channels ("streams"), but so called "topics" as well. Example: your stream "Ops" contains all messages from the DevOps team. But each message is also linked to a topic, like "CI" and "Monitoring". That way everyone subscribed to the stream receives all messages of the team, but the noise is kept down when working on a specific topic.

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Make a to-do list if you're feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it helps to break things down into smaller pieces.

@sphinxc0re fantastic idea! Is there more content like this? Some regular streamers you know? 👍

Gleich zum Einstieg auf dieser Instanz kann ich die letzte Folge sehr empfehlen: Europa als Republik – Ulrike Guérot Viele interessante Punkte zur ursprünglichen Vision der , mit Verweis auf die aktuellen Verzerrungen - und was sich nach Corona alles entwickeln kann.

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Did you know that `systemctl` has a host parameter?

`systemctl -H beko@someawesomehost·org status nginx`

…and it will come back just fine if your ssh config is properly set up and the ssh-key is loaded. (

Dear followers,
I moved my account from @bitkeks to this new instance. The Mastodon-integrated moving function allowed me to migrate my followers as well. Feel free to unfollow this account if you have been affected but do not wish to follow me in the future 😄


This Mastodon instance is dedicated to all people interested in a united Europe, a post-national and truly democratic Europe. But even if you are not so interested in European politics you are welcome.

Diese Mastodon-Instanz ist für alle, die interessiert sind an einem vereinten Europa, einem post-nationalen und wirklich demokratischen Europa.

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