We declare that everyone present at this moment on the continent
of Europe is a citizen of the European Republic. We acknowledge and accept our responsibility for the common heritage of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, and we pledge finally to make it into a
reality on this continent.

Everyone is warmly invited to sign up symbolically as a citizen of The European Republic.


Would be more useful if everyone was to ve asked to sign up symbolically to The United Republic of Planet Earth.
Europe is the wrong project.

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This Maston instance is dedicated to all people interested in a united Europe, a post-national and truly democratic Europe.

But even if you are not so interested in European politics, you are welcome.

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Diese Mastodon-Instanz ist für alle, die interessiert sind an einem vereinten Europa, einem post-nationalen und wirklich demokratischen Europa.

Aber auch wenn Du Dich nicht so sehr für Europaplitik interessierst, bist Du herzlich willkommen.

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