@christian @pixelfed Nice. I uploaded a few earlier. I'm quite excited about it.

Happy Christmas, btw!

@christian @pixelfed Not sure right now how it all works. I signed up on pixelfed.social under a new account. Does eupublic have a pixelfed? I haven't figured the connection between the two other than that I can follow my separate pixelfed account here.

@krozruch @pixelfed No, I have no Pixelfed instance. But you can follow your Mastodon account from pixelfed.social. Just search for eupublic in Pixelfed.

@christian @pixelfed I get you. I didn't know that was a thing. I would also probably use a slightly different filter when uploading images to Mastodon, mind you, often thinking them more ephemeral, perhaps occasionally in certain circumstances playing fractionally more fast and loose with licenses. Pixelfed will typically always be my own photos.

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