Installed 3 in VM, run eopkg upgrade, reboot: olive screen. I never had this with any Linux distro in the last years.

Both screenshots show the profile page of version 2.4.3. But why is the layout so different? Can I configure this in my instance?

Schade, habe den Jupiter nicht richtig scharf bekommen. Aber immerhin, man kann ihn und seine Monde erkennen.

If you're interested in the future of Europe I highly recommend you this video about the idea of a European Republic:

I love to browse through my old photos. It's nice to remember all the things you've experienced.

Notting Hill Carnival, 2011.

I'm not so into soccer, but I really like cars - even though I don't have one :-)



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Diese Mastodon-Instanz ist für alle, die interessiert sind an einem vereinten Europa, einem post-nationalen und wirklich demokratischen Europa.

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