Do you know the Dat protocol?

It is an open, decentralized, and secure protocol to share content.

InfoSec Handbook supports it since last November:


You need a web browser that supports Dat like Beaker Browser.

You can download a full copy of our content, and share/read it even if our blog is offline.

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@aral Forgive me for asking, but so far I haven't really understood. What exactly is the goal of Hypha? Would you like to explain that to me?

@seppini Witzig, hatte den vorangegangen Beitrag nicht gelesen und kam zum selben Vorschlag.

How does Europe affect our everyday lives? How does it impact our jobs, our families, our health care, our hobbies, our journeys, our security, our consumer choices and our social rights? And how is Europe present in our towns, cities and regions?

via @milan and @thomas

I wish dudes (it’s always dudes) would be as protective about #a11y, progressive enhancement (and people in general) as much as they are about their favourite tools.

This feeling has been amplified 10X since I pushed out.

Free VPN apps on Android–many apps leak your identity, ask for questionable permissions, or track you:

– tested: 150 free VPN apps with over 260M installs from Google Play Store
– 25% fail to protect user privacy due to DNS and other leaks
– 85% feature excessive permissions or functions with potential for privacy abuses

As recommended by Steve Gibson in SN 698 "Which Mobile VPN Client?":

Use OpenVPN, if possible.

#vpn #openvpn #android #privacy

You know #QubesOS? You may also know #flatpak?

What if you take the idea behind QubesOS and combine it with Flatpak?

FlatXen! Well, since Xen was a bit too complicated or not Redhat enough, Sergio López decided to go for KVM and created FlatKVM!

It's still early but I'm looking forward to it.

#isolation #VM #container #linux

Warum bekomme ich keine Wechselprämie wenn ich meinen alten Diesel gegen ein neues Fahrrad, oder eine Bahncard 100 eintausche.

#Diselgate #Umtauschprämie

Reading through How DAT Works (prerelease) – this guide is an absolute treasure.


@TheDaniel Als EU würde ich allen Briten einen Pass eines europäischen Landes anbieten. Und wer auf der Insel bleiben will, bleibt eben dort. Ich hätte mir nie vorstellen können, dass jemand freiwillig die EU verlassen will.

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