In the UK. In a co-working space in Brum playing with Flask. Back to Prague in September, I guess. Needed a break. Didn't expect the UK to be that but it is.

Setting up SMTP and bla bla and wondering for the nth time why I am still with ProtonMail.

i'm trying to fill my rss reader with more #blogs by actual people (instead of news stuff). anyone can recommend me interesting active blogs?

#literature, #philosophy, #linux, #opensource, #tech, etc and whatnot :D

boosting appreciated :)

The next best thing to an image description is a CW that includes "no image description" in its text.

Seriously, I was so happy to see that a couple times today. If you can't do it, or you just can't be bothered, it helps me if you say it's not there. It genuinely can feel disappointing or isolating to hope for one and find nothing. Better to know not to expect it.

Probably the thing that bothers me most about Twitter is how it's like a fly trap for smart people. It legitimizes the platform that so many thought leaders use it, even if those same people might privately (or publicly!) despite Twitter.

You can use Twitter as a write-only medium for your own mental health, but then you're still pushing the drug out to a large mass of readers.

#SyncThing is awesome! I wish I'd got around to installing it years ago, when I first heard about it. It solves the file sync problem proprietary tools like #DropBox solve, and #ownCloud/ #NextCloud aim to replace with #FreeCode. All purely #P2P, with no servers or #DNS required. I'm sharing folders between my laptops and some with a friend back in #Aotearoa (#NZ).

me watching other people online having healthy relationships and building their social circles

far right 

There is a G4S sign in the background of this video about the disenfranchisement of EU citizens in the UK. Is that a school? And are G4S handling security in schools?

Britpot / election funding / dark money 

Britpot / election funding / dark money 

FLOSS contributor words of wisdom:

"Don't take criticism from people you would never go to for advice"

Just rewatched This is England (2006). Clunky in places but it still pretty much nails it for me.

this newyorker article, despite some misconceptions, is actually a good rallying call for independent / communal social Web sites

We need more creative tools that are not tied to a subscription plan.

What format do you prefer for reading short stories? Boosts appreciated.

Web developers should be required to test in Lynx before being allowed to publish.

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