I am coming to the conclusion that the GUI (any GUI) is an environment in and of itself and that it doesn't much suit me. This in the way, and to the degree, that an overstimulating primary classroom full of visual and aural overkill can be poorly suited to many of the children who "work" there

Trigger Warning Poll 

Hi Fedifolks - the culture here has broadly adopted the widespread use of content warnings, especially to avoid psychological triggers that can cause harm. This is great! I would like to get some idea of the proportions of people who urgently require different common trigger-warnings, for a personal project that might be of interest to them later. Check all that apply.
I'm only allowed add 4 choices. But I am open to more input.
Also, LMK of any other polls?
Please boost! :)

Is anybody using Nextcloud social? It doesn't seem particularly active. @nextcloud

Wow, that was different.

Today I read an article on a Gemini[1] website, and used the email the author shared to write them a long-form comment on their work.

It struck me how foreign this once-natural interaction felt. I think it helped give a bit more form to my feelings around how social media has encouraged us to 1) let such platforms control how we share content, 2) use shorter messages, 3) have shallower interactions, and 4) forget historic data.

Fuck. I miss this. I miss really connecting to people.

[1] gemini.circumlunar.space

software vs writing 

software: no one knows what you do, and everyone who does including yourself hates it. there are limitless niches of valuable work to be done — valuable in a social sense, as open source of course goes unpaid — but most such niches are so obscure that the necessary connective tissue required to form the greater whole will never materialize, unless done by capitalists, who will ruin it.

writing: everyone writes. everyone writes better than you. everyone writes so much that editors beyond number are bored of stories better than anything you’ll ever write. they are so bored that even joking about the boredom is cliche. when you receive a $20 check for a work you spent a month shopping around, you will feel grateful. but at least it is much harder to write anything deadly than it is in software.

Went wakeboarding and everything is going to hurt for a few days.. Similar feeling to windsurfing: I have no technique yet and just hang on using all of my body inefficiently. Good though. Will certainly go again and need something like it right now.

The Internet treats nuance as damage and routes around it

.@FourthEstateOrg@twitter.com will be hiring a CTO in the next few months.

Resumes to jobs@fourthestate.org

Listening to some random mix tapes I got off Mark Fisher's K-Punk. Pretty good to work to

As a user of liberating software, free culture works, or user-respecting online services, it's common to want to contribute back but not know how. One contribution anyone can make is to send a message to the maintainers telling them a few things you like about it, thanking them for their work. It's easy to remember to complain about bugs or missing features, but like everyone, creators need compliments too, especially when they are volunteers.

Diceware poetry: fickle_walk_conspiracy_whoso_security_oppose_humilit

I think one of the problems with white leftism is that a lot of us want to have it both ways. We want to use our privilege to help the victims of structural racism, but we don’t want to have to actually give up that privilege. We want to be like the benevolent aristocrat.

Here's a long list of online decision-making platforms curated by the Democracy Foundation, most are free code:

Anyone keen to help me go through them all and add them to this list, with information on features, architecture, license, steward organization etc?


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Anyone know a game that plays like Heroes of Might and Magic III? I'm not a gamer. G/f's birthday coming up. She loves it but is really reluctant to learn anything else. I set up the above on a beat up old Laptop with Wine and would need something that'll play on Linux and is not too heavy on graphics.

don't worry about me. I'm a little hobbled and I smell like tear gas but I'll be fine. worry about the ones who didn't get out. donate to the mass bail fund: massbailfund.org/


The grugq is reporting that the 82nd airborne is deploying to DC tonight. If you are out there tonight, 12:00am is their deployment time.

BBC Radio 6 Music replaying a Black Power special from Don Letts from 2018. Going over 1968.

Judith Butler, Frames of War, sexuality 

The third chapter of Frames of War is dedicated to a discussion of how queerness is used Against people primarily through the channels of immigration, secularization, and family.
Queerness is a benchmark for how progressive how Now a people and nation are. If queer ppl arent protected then that nation is seen as backwards and unfree. Western nations are More free than other countries and then are beacons that the rest of the world should follow.
Now the

Journalism friends. I am collecting news and journalism job descriptions and pay-scales for a project I am working on at @FourthEstateOrg@twitter.com

If you have any that your org uses could you please DM or email them to me.

This is cool. The BBC Micro bot running on Twitter. Submit your BBC Micro Model B BASIC code that fits in a tweet and it will return an animated gif showing the output.

I imagine doing it on Mastodon, with it's larger toot size, would enable more elaborate BASIC programs to be run. 😃

Would be nice to extend it to the C64, ZX Spectrum, etc.


#RetroComputing #BBCMicro #Microcomputers


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