me watching other people online having healthy relationships and building their social circles

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There is a G4S sign in the background of this video about the disenfranchisement of EU citizens in the UK. Is that a school? And are G4S handling security in schools?

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FLOSS contributor words of wisdom:

"Don't take criticism from people you would never go to for advice"

Just rewatched This is England (2006). Clunky in places but it still pretty much nails it for me.

this newyorker article, despite some misconceptions, is actually a good rallying call for independent / communal social Web sites

We need more creative tools that are not tied to a subscription plan.

What format do you prefer for reading short stories? Boosts appreciated.

Web developers should be required to test in Lynx before being allowed to publish.

Does anybody know of an instance of PeerTube that would be happy to host videos from the Logan CIJ conference 2016? They concern investigative reporting and technology. context: @shiro

Grew up listening to Rage Against the Machine this cover of Wake Up is savage

Spoke to the Students Loan Company twice. Heard two completely different things.

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Python Bundle by O'Reilly.

Get $524 worth of DRM-free e-books like Natural Language Processing with Python, Python Data Science Handbook, Test-Driven Development with Python, Think Python, and Fluent Python.

In multiple formats for all devices.

Been away for a while. Literally (in Moravia, where I help out on a vineyard from time to time, and Utrecht, which was great). Was also feeling like I don't really 'get' interactions on-line, and feeling a little overloaded in general. Got myself a dumb phone, which is great, and may be here now and again. We'll see.

Allow me to recommend the dedrm plugin for Calibre. This allows you to use your legal access to strip DRM from any ebook you own. You can then keep your Microsoft Store-bought ebooks. (But do it before the Store goes away!)

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