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Back in Prague after a month working on a vineyard. Curfew for the moment which may yet irritate since I'm used to getting out for walks at least and though I stayed on the vineyard for much of the month (I only had a bike to get around), the environment suits me. It's due to ease soon though, I'm told.

uk pol, chuckles 

New pub sign in Wirral, Liverpool

I'm in Moravia making wine. Gathered the grapes yesterday (pinot gris); pressed them yesterday. Processed some more today (Grüner Veltliner). Pressing the latter tomorrow. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gr%C3%BC

@vegos Damn, is Twister still going? Had an account years ago. (I think I lost the key or something.) It was fringe as hell. How's it looking over there?

Still don't get social media tbh and decreasingly think it's worth the investment of time to figure out the netiquette, conventions etc.. Also, I'll never be one of these who posts regularly enough to build the social capital; it's way too much of a distraction for me.. Still looking for real life community but doubt I'll ever find it anywhere that maps to Twitter-style soundbite interactions. If that's your thing, cool and all.

"The rock houses of England’s last cave people: Kinver Edge, Staffordshire" - these are down the road from my town in Britain. Know them well. I camped near there as a kid with the scouts and we used to ride their on our "mountain" bikes. theguardian.com/travel/2020/oc

encyclical quote Im thinking about, trump 

We are called to love everyone, without exception; at the same time, loving an oppressor does not mean allowing him to keep oppressing us, or letting him think that what he does is acceptable. On the contrary, true love for an oppressor means seeking ways to make him cease his oppression; it means stripping him of a power that he does not know how to use, and that diminishes his own humanity and that of others.


Back to Prague Monday. To Moravia and the vineyard for a spell in a couple of weeks but I'm thinking it's going to be a long lockdown this time around. Got to be on top of my routines.

In the mountains. Piss wet every day but stocked up on food. The deer are lairy, going into rutting season, keeping us awake at night. Saw one big fella of a stag on the way here...

I am coming to the conclusion that the GUI (any GUI) is an environment in and of itself and that it doesn't much suit me. This in the way, and to the degree, that an overstimulating primary classroom full of visual and aural overkill can be poorly suited to many of the children who "work" there

Trigger Warning Poll 

Hi Fedifolks - the culture here has broadly adopted the widespread use of content warnings, especially to avoid psychological triggers that can cause harm. This is great! I would like to get some idea of the proportions of people who urgently require different common trigger-warnings, for a personal project that might be of interest to them later. Check all that apply.
I'm only allowed add 4 choices. But I am open to more input.
Also, LMK of any other polls?
Please boost! :)

Is anybody using Nextcloud social? It doesn't seem particularly active. @nextcloud

Wow, that was different.

Today I read an article on a Gemini[1] website, and used the email the author shared to write them a long-form comment on their work.

It struck me how foreign this once-natural interaction felt. I think it helped give a bit more form to my feelings around how social media has encouraged us to 1) let such platforms control how we share content, 2) use shorter messages, 3) have shallower interactions, and 4) forget historic data.

Fuck. I miss this. I miss really connecting to people.

[1] gemini.circumlunar.space

software vs writing 

software: no one knows what you do, and everyone who does including yourself hates it. there are limitless niches of valuable work to be done — valuable in a social sense, as open source of course goes unpaid — but most such niches are so obscure that the necessary connective tissue required to form the greater whole will never materialize, unless done by capitalists, who will ruin it.

writing: everyone writes. everyone writes better than you. everyone writes so much that editors beyond number are bored of stories better than anything you’ll ever write. they are so bored that even joking about the boredom is cliche. when you receive a $20 check for a work you spent a month shopping around, you will feel grateful. but at least it is much harder to write anything deadly than it is in software.

Went wakeboarding and everything is going to hurt for a few days.. Similar feeling to windsurfing: I have no technique yet and just hang on using all of my body inefficiently. Good though. Will certainly go again and need something like it right now.

The Internet treats nuance as damage and routes around it

.@FourthEstateOrg@twitter.com will be hiring a CTO in the next few months.

Resumes to jobs@fourthestate.org

Listening to some random mix tapes I got off Mark Fisher's K-Punk. Pretty good to work to

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