Shoutout to Patreon for talking to TechCrunch before talking to creators

And a reminder that I have a standing offer to host fosspay for anyone who would like it:

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dear hackers, why are none of you hacking and deleting student debt records?

The New Yorker has not touched Brexit for some months (its rating in European and American newspapers and journals gives some indication where it may lead), but when it hits, it hits hard. Cadwalladr and others (Peter Jukes, J J Patrick of By-Line) have done some good work, and it may be that the London Review of Books kept on it, but this is what well-funded public-minded journalism looks like.

Meanwhile on the nicer parts of the Internet, it's 1983 all over again and C64 software on C60 cassette is the hottest new thing

Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

#askfedi #askfediverse #lazyweb #CreativeCommons #music #help

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Added a little spalt and a brief sourdough fermentation to my oat soda bread. Awesome. It's much lighter, though we liked it heavy. I'll read up on it a little but done it intuitively so far and it has worked out great.

@garbados I'm worried this is the direction things are going. Tech platforms are natural monopolies. Also, governments increasingly see social media as an issue of national security. And as Cory Doctorow has said, they may be "deputized" to fight misinformation campaigns from foreign governments, censor content the government doesn't like, "secure the integrity of elections," etc. But I don't know if I want the government to crown a winner, or for each country to have their own social network.

i'm looking for tips (particularly from #actuallyautistic folks) on handling a full-day programming interview process.

i've passed the initial whiteboard so i'm thinking this will probably be pairing (maybe?) or something similar, plus lots of conversational interviews. it will probably be remote at least.

i'm usually fine with putting on the enthusiastic people-person face that's still genuinely me, but a full day is a long. long. time.

boosts welcome. i need coping ideas!

Influential Harlem Renaissance artist Lois Mailou Jones, Self portrait (1940) #womensart


The chart below shows how people identify their nationality, from the 2011 census. In each of the UK constituent countries the majority of people identify with that country rather than British.

There are some exceptions: e.g. London probably due to the high number of people with a non-English background, Northern Ireland probably due to the Unionist/Nationalist divide.

The internal lines show local authority areas. Respondents were free to choose more than one identity.

In the autumn of 2018, there was an exhibition at "Stalin" on Letná exploring the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic since the founding of the former in 1918. As a part of the exhibition, a wall was built around the Metronome sited where the largest statue in the world, of Stalin, once stood. The metronome itself stood motionless for this time, its counterweight boxed in.

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Set up i3 window manager while procrastinating from writing an awkward letter to a friend back home. Like it. No BS.

it's a shame to watch Britain wander off a cliff with this brexit disaster
We went for a walk one Saturday towards the end of winter - it would have been the end of February. We started out at Nusle where a couple of friends had just moved into a new flat, and then took in Vršovice where I used to live, and Pankrác. I like this part of town; these parts in fact, as they each feel a little different.
Vítek's workshop in the technical school. Lots of cool gear here. He's got plenty of skills, most of which are no longer valued. He renovates and customises old bikes - mine's leaning against one of the machines here - and teaches. He barely makes a living with either. There are times this hacks him off.
A maintenance train of some kind passing Klubovna in Bubeneč (where a number of other photos here have been taken). It passed a couple of times before I took out my camera. The sparks from the grinding wheels on the tracks had been more impressive the first time it had passed, but I wasn't sure it would come out even with 400 ASA film. This was the best of a number of shots.
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