British exceptionalism 

Two maps of populism in Europe from Guardian Weekly. Not a bad article. I have a major issue about these maps, however. Looking at 2018, the UK is in the clear. Ok, so the BNP and UKIP have not succeeded in the way that populist parties across Europe have. However, the Conservatives are sending the Windrush generation home, pandering to racists, have helped Orban, the Law and Justice Party & the populists elsewhere for years, & are collaborating with a plot against Europe.

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British exceptionalism 

In addition, the opposition has an issue with anti-semitism (yes the tabloids exploit it and fail to spot racism where it is less convenient, but though there can be smoke without fire, I think there are problems with the old left around Corbyn), an MP has been murdered on the street to little outrage. Populism is mainstream in British politics. It has infected the two major parties in different ways and to different degrees. Different vector, same extent as eg. Czech Rep.

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