How do we feel about Volt? I saw it launch a few months back and it felt very click and Blair-y [Tony, not Eric] and focus grouped. Emails asked for money more than input, it seemed to me. It's like a third way Pirate Party or something, no? I'm being invited to a meet-up but may be teaching.

I mean, I am in Europe watching the country I was born in tear itself apart, throwing its dummy out of the pram over whether it belongs in Europe or not, and feeling the country I moved to, in Europe, drifting Eastward without anybody much giving a toss while extremists of every stripe are being boosted and worked up everywhere over the continent, so I'm more than prepared to talk to people who are aware of the threat and hope to do something but this seems fairly Mumford and Sons Ale.


Came across this Economist piece on Volt:
One of the founders, a "26-year-old ex McKinsey consultant" talks of the "brand" being the same across Europe before he mentions the policies. They're meeting up in some gastly gastropub in Andel. Think I'll pass.

@krozruch there aren't even true national parties, all are confederacies of several wings that usually hate each other

@pony "If I could not get to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all." - Thomas Jefferson. On that point I'm with him. Parties are silly ideas in that to work they must largely exclude those who do not think alike. "I agree entirely with these dozen or so people on the cabinet, substantively with the one hundred and fifty people on my side of the house, and to a remarkable degree with the members of my party." What?! How?! I don't know how to agree with myself.

@krozruch you can only be a member of a party if some of the general ideas are important enough to you to accept some sort of an internal consensus of it. you still hate other factions inside of it and you fight them, but if they happen to be on top at the moment, you can usually live with it (partly because they are never on top for too long anyway)

@pony Yes. It's always been the way of course. It's just shit when all of 2 or most of n political parties are pushing their least constructive factions to the front at the same period. *shrug*

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