@fitheach I didn't get further than the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article tbh: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Fou But in terms of the systemic problem that we have given over so much of our institutions to reliance on backing by philanthropists, I thought that was enough. Well-meaning no doubt, but sharing also all of the problems of this model.

Have the Ford Foundation funded The Guardian article? I noticed the logo and name at the bottom of your screenshot.

@fitheach Yes sorry, I did most of my writing in the image description instead of the toot itself. This guy, Matt Kennard, gives the Guardian a kicking at a conference I was at in Berlin a couple of years back: youtu.be/Q4hIvL8vtCw?t=3395 Essentially, they are as bad as anybody working in the field, and it has not improved with either Katharine Viner or the much touted push for donations right now.

So, basically the article is an "advertorial". Is that a fairly common thing in The Guardian?

@fitheach Absolutely. Not only. Once you start looking for this you see it everywhere. Practically every major newspaper is collaborating not only with Facebook, Twitter etc., but also Google, and these major "philanthropic organisations". Banner blindness afffects us all on busy websites, but look out for the logos and you'll soon see them everywhere.

@fitheach Incidentally, I keep wondering about these videos, which are great, and ought to ask @shiro about their license etc. It would be great, in my opinion, if they could be uploaded to a PeerTube instance somewhere. They are seldom-watched but come highly recommended; they are technically-informed but lay-accessible and focused on journalism and work in the NGO space.

@krozruch @fitheach That's a long time ago, I don't remember licensing details tbh. But I can ask CIJ, I'm still in touch with them, and I'll get back to you!

@shiro @fitheach Yeah, long time back, but I think still relevant and I return to them occasionally. Few videos cover the same ground. You are a star! Thank you.

@krozruch @fitheach Yep, totally agree on those videos still being very relevant and personally I encouraged CIJ to say yes to this in the mail I just wrote to them. Fingers crossed!

@krozruch Well, if I'm online and I see this, I may as well react immediately, or I'll forget...

@shiro Yeah, I'm the same. If you can do it immediately, do it, else it'll get lost in a clusterfuck of to dos.

That is a good video, though I only watched the bit from 56 mins onwards (as per your link). It is shame it has had only 1,028 views.

It is from 2016, so only three years ago. Definitely still relevant.


@fitheach @shiro There are others from the conference which certainly sum things up for non-techies, including ones with William Binney and Thomas Drake et al. Honestly the best conference I have been to to date, though I'm not a regular and that speaks to my interests as much as anything. youtube.com/watch?v=vPHQZeVdLf

Another video with about 1,000 views, maybe even the same people who watched the other one.

I notice both videos are about 90 minutes long. I wonder if anyone at CIJ thought to create 1-3 minute teaser videos. There is a reason why Hollywood have teaser videos.


@fitheach @shiro I imagine it was a handful of people working in their own time. Yes. It's tricky to pick them apart as they are. The sessions were 90 mins, I guess, and none felt too long, but it's hard to get through them. We can see how it looks when they reply to Marie's email. 1000 views is certainly way too low for the value of these videos.

@fitheach @krozruch All those steps would be logical things to do, of course. Unfortunately we (the conference team, Berlin-based) were contractors hired until the events (with a bit of cleanup/report writing time afterwards, but not enough for real promo and teasers). So, we had no time and resources to do this. And the main CIJ team (London-based) never did it. Not sure they' have resources either, it's not a large team. So, unfortunately, lack of resources everywhere :(

@shiro @fitheach The conference itself was fantastic. I looked into others but they were based in Britain I think. Time is the killer with stuff like this... And looking around my timeline this is why those organisations which make larger compromises with funding and the like tend to have a higher profile and be more visible.

@krozruch Happy to hear you liked the conference :) Yes, the other ones were in London - the first one had a really interesting program, I've been disappointed in the last one. Gavin MacFadyen is missing, new leadership is far from being able to fill his shoes. Hope it'll get better again in the future.

@shiro Exactly, I couldn't remember his name (!), though I have a photo of him with Seymour Hersh up in the lounge here in Prague. Gravitas. That's part of the reason I have not been since. That such a seasoned journalist engaged with the whole Wikileaks thing - in the right way - was meaningful at that point. flickr.com/photos/radical_tran

@shiro Didn't have the privilege aside from seeing him there, but he was one of those speakers who held the audience not merely through charisma. I really ought to find out more about his work. I'll put it down as a task now. A sad loss. From what I coudl see, we need so much more of his kind. I loved eg. John Pilger as a kid, but Gavin was far and away a more nuanced supporter of WL and the like. Doubt he was capable of hectoring. All anyone can do is learn from that, I suppose.

@krozruch Yes, definitely have a look at his work - tbh I haven't checked it enough myself, most of what I know about him is my first hand experience working with him and hanging out. But there's a lot of documentaries he made I'd like to see. And he even played in some hollywood movies! And so much more.

@shiro The best way of course. I believe he must have seen a lot. He would have worked in some of the more interesting years in journalism.

@krozruch That picture of Gavin is amazing btw and I really like the album. May I share it with CIJ for archive?

@shiro Of course. All CC and I will grant them an exception to use it however they like without attribution should that help. That may not be all of them.

@krozruch That's very nice of you - I think they will probably just archive it, but I'll tell them to get in touch if they want more some day (who knows, retrospectives, etc.)

@shiro A few others here. I'll add to this one if I find any more. I think there is one more film on an old laptop but this could be definitive and I can update the archive in the link. archive.org/details/logan_cij_

@krozruch Does that one include the pictures from the other album?

@shiro Currently most but not all. It will include all but perhaps not for a couple of days. I picked through a couple of films to upload to the Flickr album so they will likely be full res scans. You'll be safe going with that. The archive.org will eventually have all of them so it won't hurt to include it. Right now it has all photos, edits and originals, from one of two or more films.

@krozruch Ok, thanks! I'll send them both. Need to go now, I'll be back later! Thanks for those pictures, really made my day.

Show more

I understand. The videos look very well done and the conference was obviously organised professionally. "Selling" the content online does take a bit of effort. However, in the long term it is usually worth it because the reach is huge compared to the numbers at the conference. Even if CIJ don't have the resources they could try asking for volunteers.

Just sayin'.


@fitheach @krozruch I totally agree, it should have been done, it's worth it, I know it, I'm a communication professional, etc, etc, etc.

But first, I wasn't there anymore. And even volunteer searching and coordination takes time. You have no idea how much work the main team had at that time, and how complicated the situation was (Gavin, the main person of CIJ, passed away a few months later, not exactly the moment where you think about promoting a few videos). Be a bit more understanding?

I also work in comms and do some volunteering activities. So, I can see it from both sides. It is always worth stating these things because you never know who might be reading.


@krozruch @fitheach I finally got an answer to this. They're fine with it, go ahead.

@shiro @fitheach You star! Thanks for asking. I'll try to find an appropriate instance.

@krozruch @fitheach No problem! Took some poking around but in the end I managed to get a clear answer. Please let me know when it's done so I can share it too!

@shiro @fitheach Of course. Am I right in thinking there is no specified license but agreement to go ahead?

@krozruch @fitheach They literally just said that you can go ahead and upload. We could ask about specific licenses but it will take time again, I guess. I'd say please link to the original youtube video somewhere and say that those videos were originally from CIJ. Ideally also link to their website. So they get some cred - in the end they deserve it ;)

@shiro No need so long as they are happy, I just didn't want to lose any info. Attribution and links are a given. Thanks for the boost :)

Investigative journalism (Brazil, Angola) 

Investigative journalism (undercover police) 

liberal self-censorship & investigative journalism 

@krozruch Trying to think of even one anarchist I know who supports both Trump and Brexit and I think the Grauniad doesn't define "anarchist" the way I do.

Do they mean "accelerationist" maybe? Or "libertarian"?

@artsyhonker They are doing the usual, I suppose, though I wasn't motivated to do more than skim read and wish I didn't open the damn thing as often as I do. The important things about this article are the funding and the BS encoded in the headline. Headline-driven news at its worst.

@priryo @artsyhonker :D I had forgotten about him. Then from the socialist camp there is Tony Benn, of course.

Feels like a Radio 4-style parlour game: Fantasy aristocrat front bench.

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