"When you make programming skills the core component of any web role then you've made the web into a programmers playground. This is when you start seeing feature factories, whines of "why can't those users upgrade?", and [derision of soft skills like design].

Picking up a tremendous vibe of "well how else are we supposed to build complex apps?" when *no one is talking about this*. The argument is about raising the baseline of making *anything* for the web so high that it excludes people."


@alcinnz If you try to build something as a learning exercise in your own free time with no background in tech and a focus on writing etc. you soon find out who in the community thinks you have no business to be there. Relatively accessible tools are seen by some as proof of incompetence and amateurism in programming as evidence for the prosecution that you could have nothing to say by using them. There is a residual technocracy even in FOSS that precludes wider uptake.

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