Probability of Article 50 being revoked just increased a bit. 😃

"PM is not prepared to revoke article 50...This is not something she is prepared to countenance."

#TheresaMay #politics #Brexit


@fitheach Of all the things I hadn't seen coming, this Bercow thing had me, I confess.

Well, you and the UK government. 😃

I don't how the government failed to see it coming, it has been talked about ever since the failed Strasbourg Manoeuvre.

Something else has just transpired: Bercow is saying any Article 50 extension needs to be agreed by parliament. Could be another cat amongst the pigeons.

@fitheach @krozruch They already voted on a three month article 50 extension, and that was defeated. According to the rules I don't think they can vote twice on the same thing in the same "session". But things are sufficiently chaotic that who knows. They could make an exception.

I think what Bercow was saying is that you can't vote on the same motion again or something which is essentially the same.

This vote on an Article 50 extension would be on the offer from the EU, which would be quite different.


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