I am—*sigh*—adding #discord to the ever-growing pile of chat apps I use to communicate with various FOSS projects (along with Gitter, Slack, Keybase, IRC, etc).

Like all the other, non-IRC apps, the desktop version seems to be an #electron app that runs appallingly on my linux system. Any tips for making it better? Stick with the web app? Find an IRC bridge? (any decent ones out there?) Use a mobile app?

@codesections Off topic, I suppose, but how do you feel about Keybase right now? If I see it at all I generally see it dissed as a walled garden, which I understand, but my girlfriend is prepared to use it on her Android phone alongside Signal & I talk to a couple of folk using it. I use it happily enough for this purpose & occasionally use the command line. How do the others fare with such things? Also, honestly, I'm using it for git & the like, and in terms of functionality, I can't fault it.


Yeah, I'd generally agree with that take. As a chat app, it's a walled garden, neither better nor worse than the rest.

The rest of their functionality seems pretty decent, but I'm a bit worried about the amount of VC money they've taken. Like a lot of these businesses, it seems like they have a decent small business that could be sustainable & great, but they've promised high growth to a VC and that could ruin it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@codesections I am almost certain it will and now that they have put in with the cryptocoin crowd it will happen sooner rather than later, I think. I just wish I could think of some similar service where I could imagine getting my head around the api to build some functionality without seeing it morally rot while it technically flourishes. The problem is that until we figure some ethical and reliable form of donation and the conventions to go with it, this will surely happen over and over.

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