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You know how sometimes you get mad about companies being assholes? Sometimes I get mad at companies being assholes too, but I don't just stop at "it is bad Microsoft bought GitHub" or "it is bad that GitHub created a ridiculous environment that lead to several high profile sexual harassment cases," but I go further. So here you go, my gripe of the day:

Fuck Purism for being indcompetent dickweeds overpricing phones using the standard line of "security and privacy costs more." That's not an excuse for their anemic and poorly designed hardware, and the majority of their software is repackaged open source with tenuous value add on top.

At first I wasn't so mad, because I thought they were just bad at their jobs and that can be fixed with practice. But as time has gone on we've seen that the folks there are actually acting in bad faith, and their goals are to "pull a GitHub" and try and monopolize a market rather than improve it with genuine competition.

You can't have overpriced, substandard goods AND be a bunch of unethical bastards at their size. And I really wish people would stop desperately ignoring their actions as a company because they get all starry-eyed at the sales pitch about freedom and privacy and the in-software switches on their laptops.


purism, rant, negative, hardware 

@endomain Joanna Rutkowska, then of Qubes, had a couple of digs at them and their strategy as early as 2016 when the Librem was recommended as a laptop for Qubes.

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