Love that.
I *wonder* with content management systems and all that, if there is actually anyone on a publication that looks at the site to see how stuff might fit together.
You would *assume* so, but given some of the things I have seen, who knows.

Though, it occurs to me that with cookies and other tracking tools, people might be seeing different layouts, so 🤷

Reminds me of odd thread titles on forums forming unintentional sentences/paragraphs as they rise and fall.

@CreatureOfTheHill Yeah, I try to balance my cynicism about The Guardian by understanding what they are up against - falling circulations, mainly people reading for free etc. but I don't think they have been doing digital well, and their website is full of trackers etc. They do some good articles etc. and I have tried to switch to reading through rss which can cut out the crap, but this seemed to sum it up :(

Yes to the RSS 👍
I suck most of my news into Flym which gives me the breadth and lack of having to visit the sites in a browser most of the time.

(Newsnow is my other aggregator for when I just want to get a feel for what *all* the sides are saying on a topic)

@CreatureOfTheHill Hadn't heard of either. Don't have a smartphone so that leaves Newsnow which led me to the following, which is a thumbs up from me: nme.com/news/music/jimi-hendri :)

@krozruch Yes I saw that story 😀

Newsnow is *good*, but you really want adblocking, cookie management etc down tight. The site itself isn't too bad, but I tend to follow interesting links to weird sites...

@krozruch I have several questions about this, but I never thought of the Guardian highly to begin with, at least they're promoting DuckDuckGo though , hopefully it'll cause people to pick it up

@immychan The Guardian used to mean something and occasionally it still does. I later read the Amazon review and it at least flags up some of the dangers, but five stars despite that is damning especially given as they occasionally write articles which suggest they should understand these issues better. *shrug*

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