Self-care today: 1. a wander with a pipe of standard tobacco 2. chatting to random folk in shops about everything and nothing 3. Tao Te Ching 4. day-long sourdough bread process 4. lunch, a coffee, and a wander with OH 5. archery 6. Not reading the news aside from for the results first thing (I slept on it last night)

I don't smoke, but always admired a pipe. Loved the smell of my Grandad's one years ago. Just looked relaxing. Can't quite say why though 🤷‍♂️😀

@CreatureOfTheHill It slows it all down. I came to it because I don't see myself giving up smoking entirely but cigarettes are a short sharp kick. William Styron once wrote specifically about cigarettes which he viewed differently to cigars and pipes. A pipe is all about the hands and senses.

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