Way to go freeing yourself from corporate influence by starting a successful donation campaign, Guardian!

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Two maps of populism in Europe from Guardian Weekly. Not a bad article. I have a major issue about these maps, however. Looking at 2018, the UK is in the clear. Ok, so the BNP and UKIP have not succeeded in the way that populist parties across Europe have. However, the Conservatives are sending the Windrush generation home, pandering to racists, have helped Orban, the Law and Justice Party & the populists elsewhere for years, & are collaborating with a plot against Europe.

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Whatever, they are pretty intent on driving off that cliff. They could be playing chicken, but it's all looking fairly convincing.

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Brit pol 

In two minds about this Forest Gump-style take on British politicians. It's not that I cannot believe they are this deluded and incompetent - I can. It is more that I can equally believe in a number of iron triangles that cross borders easier than they class divides and that that old British perfidy can [and always did] involve things polite people find scarcely credible. If the British ruling classes decides to throw Europe under the bus, it will.

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J. S. Mill on the "three simple forms" of government: monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. Britain's constitution claims to mix the advantages of all three. Sir [2016] Larry Siedentop CBE [2004] argued for aristocratic liberty in Democracy in Europe (Penguin, 2000). Repeatedly argues for the Christian origins of liberalism and the concept of individual equality.

Just found a version of a repo where I was working through a tutorial by Miguel Grinberg a couple of months back: blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/t I must have veered off from it pretty abruptly and started just playing around. I refer to his book often, but struggle to follow anything sequentially once I've got the basics.


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