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British exceptionalism 

Brit pol 

Brit pol 

J. S. Mill on the "three simple forms" of government: monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. Britain's constitution claims to mix the advantages of all three. Sir [2016] Larry Siedentop CBE [2004] argued for aristocratic liberty in Democracy in Europe (Penguin, 2000). Repeatedly argues for the Christian origins of liberalism and the concept of individual equality.

Just found a version of a repo where I was working through a tutorial by Miguel Grinberg a couple of months back: blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/t I must have veered off from it pretty abruptly and started just playing around. I refer to his book often, but struggle to follow anything sequentially once I've got the basics.



This Maston instance is dedicated to all people interested in a united Europe, a post-national and truly democratic Europe.

But even if you are not so interested in European politics, you are welcome.

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Diese Mastodon-Instanz ist für alle, die interessiert sind an einem vereinten Europa, einem post-nationalen und wirklich demokratischen Europa.

Aber auch wenn Du Dich nicht so sehr für Europaplitik interessierst, bist Du herzlich willkommen.

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