@fitheach I'll put it on my list. Always saw copies of the books when I used to live in North Wales. Ought to return to some of those I bought and never got around to but they are at my folk's place in the UK, but the film version is a good tip.

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@christian He wouldn't last five minutes in a primary school classroom when his first instinct is to shout over them all :) Still, I do like the idea of "deploying zen" in Parliament. The Guardian said he was getting noticed in Europe. Understandable. I support some of his interventions though I'm not sure what to make of him on the whole. theguardian.com/politics/2019/

Guess I inadvertently let my dad know I don’t see myself ever going “home” to the UK. I have come over time, this last six years here of my second stretch in Prague, to see it as increasingly clear that I see it as more meaningfully my home than Britain ever was. Brexit made that the more clear since I see myself as European. Maybe that wasn’t always clear back home. Maybe it’s tough in all kinds of ways. My folks moved there after all. It was something different in the sixties.

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Everything still hurts from cross country skiing as a Brit on skis with the kind of very competitive sportsmen who talk wattage on their turbo trainers for hours and get irate when Strada doesn’t log their miles. 17km felt like a marathon (ran the Prague marathon once - never again). Playing with Scribus for hours slouched on the couch.

@sophia I had one once. Managed to lose itself in the lounge by jumping behind the back of a fake coal fire. Couldn't find the bugger for hours. Had the dismantle the thing. An expert escapist, he would get out of the garden every time. Nightmare.

Went cross country skiing. With people who know how to ski (and do insane mileages on road bikes and turbo trainers). Everything hurts.

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"Does the Prime Minister agree with me that...?"
"My right honorable friend is absolutely right that..."

Does anybody familiar with parliamentary protocol honestly believe it to have been optimal for arriving at the best decisions even at the time it was first thrown together?

Spoke to the foreign police. They were surprisingly helpful and picked up the phone.

I've just come across this:

In 2018, Forward as One’s convener drafted and submitted a petition to the European Parliament calling on the parliament to call a vote to Support Scotland being allowed to renegotiate to stay in the European Union should it vote to leave the UK before the end of Brexit under Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty.


@emacsen @cwebber During the 4.0 drafting process, there was discussion about whether it's commercial use if an NC work was listed on a BitTorrent search site that has paid ads. From what I remember, the consensus was a "no" on that. So if you used an NC image on a web page and put a paid ad on that same web page, I don't believe that would trigger the NC clause either (again #IANAL). Using an image on a web page might trigger an ND clause though (not sure on that one).

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