@dashie I did not expect to be watching a ten-minute video on a steampunk vibraphone today so props. - The chap's got an infectious manner.

@Cyborgneticz I'm going to be thinking about that for some time - been listening to the first volume of Caro's biography - it's amazing.


Prague pissing me off since I've been back, truth be told.

Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

@fitheach To be fair I had to look it up, but had it from the guy who does the magazine that he's a brummie but found success elsewhere. The following apparently, so not the full Ozzie Ozzbourne: "Skinner was born in Barnet, but moved to Birmingham aged 5. He grew up in West Heath, Birmingham"

@fitheach I have an odd relationship to this as I first heard it in Prague. I was in Birmingham a few months back, picked up a local mag with Mike Skinner in and realised I didn't know he was a brummie.

Review: A DisCO Manifesto - by @KevinCarson1 c4ss.org/content/52450 Seems the manifesto discussed has not yet been released, but a nice discussion


Never used to read c4ss.org - always meant to but upon opening Firefox I always went elsewhere. Finally set up rss again and so reading some stuff. This was insightful - a macro lens look at some recent protests in Portland - but builds to a powerful last paragraph, a quote from Frederick Douglass c4ss.org/content/52444

Great show from Cerys Matthews on Radio 6 Music right now. Shame I've got to head out as I'm in the mood for a slow Sunday. bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00llg30

Waiting on a couple of films from months back. I was in Britain for a few months and though I picked up the negs, the lab has built a new cloud storage thing which deleted them before I could pick them up. Wild black and white shots of Ostrava.

This isn’t good news for anyone: US intelligence agencies, including the #NSA and the CIA, will share their data with CBP techdirt.com/articles/20191104

@ArtistMarciaX Enjoy it however you do it - get back on it when it's time :)

Coming out to yourself as having an "atypical cognitive profile": theguardian.com/books/2019/nov tldr: relatable autistic guy with a great 'tache.

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