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Italians used to be fervently pro-EU. What went wrong? - Stefano Montefiori The same trend evident elsewhere. A lot of damage was done in the 2000s, compounded when austerity really hit. As is noted here, Britain (largely England and Wales) is rather a different case.


Got a lot of work done today and need to start acknowledging that. I expect way too much of myself sometimes.

I'd say the same about the investigations into the disinformation campaigns surrounding the Brexit referendum but... outside of a couple of sidelined shoestring (in historical terms) investigations as conducted by The Observer and Byline, where are they? If there have been some such held in secret I would not stand corrected since what's the use at this point - if they were to be published 3 months from now or 30 years from now it would still be too late.

It is false and defamatory to suggest that anybody might be cacking their kecks about the Mueller investigation or the Democrats beginning to lead the House Intelligence Committee.

@drwho @feld @uranther probably people who don't like money will especially not like the hypermoney that is bitcoin. people who do like money seem to like bitcoin

I mean, I am in Europe watching the country I was born in tear itself apart, throwing its dummy out of the pram over whether it belongs in Europe or not, and feeling the country I moved to, in Europe, drifting Eastward without anybody much giving a toss while extremists of every stripe are being boosted and worked up everywhere over the continent, so I'm more than prepared to talk to people who are aware of the threat and hope to do something but this seems fairly Mumford and Sons Ale.

How do we feel about Volt? I saw it launch a few months back and it felt very click and Blair-y [Tony, not Eric] and focus grouped. Emails asked for money more than input, it seemed to me. It's like a third way Pirate Party or something, no? I'm being invited to a meet-up but may be teaching.

how to get unlimited free private repos AND control your own data: install gitea on your home server.

ok done, next problem?

Peroration: "...the way we do democracy isn't fit for purpose any more." Covers the same ground as the book in some ways but not as in depth. May be worth a listen.

Malware for Humans: Audio Companion. J. J. Patrick on Byline. His Alternative War is a crowd-funded book-length look at Cambridge Analytica and some of the data-led / intelligence strategies that were behind Brexit and Donald Trump's election win.

Does anyone know of a #TextComposer app for #GNU / #Linux? Like a #TextEditor, but all the user can do is write, not edit, and export as #TXT. Basically the software version of a typewriter. Or a text editor with a 'compose' mode the user can toggle on and off? I have a terrible habit of distracting myself by editing as I write. Composing with pen and paper limits this, but then I have to type stuff up :-{

My intermediate students loved some of the zines I picked up from 35c3.

Just logged on to for a second account for work. A very different experience! I'm going to try to talk to my intermediate class about the Fediverse. They have their moods so we'll see how it goes, but interactive writing sometimes works well and I'll try to give them the chance to take over the account tomorrow.

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