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I understand people taking a pop at Corbyn - he's not what I want as a Labour leader - but let's remember why he got elected. Here's a list of Labour MPs who did not vote against a Tory welfare bill which abolished legally-binding child poverty targets.


It's not his to lose exactly - it's far too complicated for that right now - but still, Boris could mangle the campaign in such a way that May's attempt to regain the upper hand could look well-managed

Prague pissing me off since I've been back, truth be told.

Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

So I created a go fund me to help raise some cash since I'm on the road to the PhD (I'm living off savings, check to check atm and I can't get a job in Barca bc no visa)

Pls boost and share and I thank you for your support here in the fediverse! From being Patrons & also pre-ordering books (Out soon!!) and general wonderfulness, thank you!!

Review: A DisCO Manifesto - by @KevinCarson1 Seems the manifesto discussed has not yet been released, but a nice discussion


What liberals are having an issue understanding is that by walling ourselves off and droning the world when resources are becoming scarce we have set ourselves up for one of two outcomes. There will either have to be a redistribution of all of the ill-gotten gains to the needy on a scale never-before-seen promoting a new age of global cooperation and mutual aid, or there will be a mass genocide of the third world. The Nazis understand this and are acting accordingly. #anarchism #socialism

Never used to read - always meant to but upon opening Firefox I always went elsewhere. Finally set up rss again and so reading some stuff. This was insightful - a macro lens look at some recent protests in Portland - but builds to a powerful last paragraph, a quote from Frederick Douglass

Great show from Cerys Matthews on Radio 6 Music right now. Shame I've got to head out as I'm in the mood for a slow Sunday.

Waiting on a couple of films from months back. I was in Britain for a few months and though I picked up the negs, the lab has built a new cloud storage thing which deleted them before I could pick them up. Wild black and white shots of Ostrava.

This isn’t good news for anyone: US intelligence agencies, including the #NSA and the CIA, will share their data with CBP

Coming out to yourself as having an "atypical cognitive profile": tldr: relatable autistic guy with a great 'tache.

DJ Shadow - Urgent, Important, Please Read (feat. Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, Daemon)

UK politics / Grenfell Tower / Jacob Rees-Mogg / Andrew Bridgen 

The MP that "represents" my constituency is a proper horrible person, and for fuck-knows what reason is currently trying to out-scumbag Rees-Mogg.
North West Leicestershire needs this un-compassionate nasty piece of shit voted out in the upcoming election or I'll scream. He doesn't represent me for absolutely fucking sure. This isn't even a one-off, he's a proper cunt.

ok here we go, a thread of some great books by POC that i've read or am in the process of reading and very much enjoying :boost_ok:

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It's not the fact that we are in an election, where all material put out by parties is propaganda, by my reading of the definition.
It's the fact that it happens ever more frequently, and is disguised in a manner that makes it harder to discern what is propaganda. People in an election will be more aware I hope 🤞

Article on DWP advertising Universal Credit

Advertising Standards Association ruling

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