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Britpol / Antisemitism 

Increasingly likely I'll instruct my day (as my proxy) to spoil the ballot. There is no morally acceptable choice in this election in my constituency. Greens, mneh, maybe, but they'll get a fraction of one per cent and they're barely meaningfully as a protest vote by now..

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#JustDiscovered today, #PPIO,
"A decentralized data storage and delivery platform for developers that value affordability, speed, and privacy":

Britpol / Antisemitism 

I know from my infrequent visits what the various gravity wells of Twitter think about Labour and Antisemitism. I also saw the Panorama on the issue when I was back in the UK in the summer. Given as I am, with many reservations, sending my Dad to vote for Labour in the coming election (as my proxy, he won't vote for them himself) on account of their not having fully supported Austerity, I'd welcome any thoughts on it / links you've found useful etc.

UK voting registration deadline is 11:59 pm on Tuesday 26th of November, that's tomorrow! Statistically it's unlikely you'll ever be able to knee Boris Johnson in the balls so don't miss out, & don't let your pals miss out, on the next best thing!

Anyone handling JSONB on Flask using PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy? I've been using JSON for want of documentation but about to change up. Pointers welcome.

Here's Raffle#2 in Operation Seth.

Seth Wood, is a full time #blacksmith in NSW who recently lost his home and his forge to the bushfires. As a means of helping him get back on his feet, QMAC are running a few raffles with amazing donated prizes.
This raffle is knife heavy, so if you're in to beautiful knives, grab yourself some tickets!

Boost far and wide, for Seth is a great guy really in need.

If you want to compare VPN providers for yourself, which you probably should, here's a massive spreadsheet:
Despite the author smelling extremely elitist, it is a good set of data.
Mullvad is a good VPN to jump to.

My grandpa said he found a wild guinea pig a while ago and now he just comes in the afternoons to get fed, pls meet Rudy

DarkTable / Photography 

He normally shoots on film himself and hasn't fully got into editing digital photos, but has owned a couple of nice digital cameras in the last couple of years and has given it a go.

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DarkTable / Photography 

A friend of mine recommends this repo of presets for film simulation on Darktable: In particular Kodak Tri-X and Kodachrome 64.

I tend to dip in and out, so it needs to be saveable, and if I have to learn a whole bunch of bindings to do anything at all I'll likely not be arsed.

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And there it is...
No action, just a promise to act in the future.

Twitter said in a statement that it had rules in place to prohibit misleading behaviour.

“Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information - in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate - will result in decisive corrective action,”

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#Loomio 2.0 has been released! The UI has been majorly revamped and some of the underlying tech has been swapped out, meaning that the performance of the site will be better, especially on older devices:

I hear that native mobile apps based on the new UI are on the way too ...

The Guardian says much more about what's going on in the world when you read it with a focus on the cultural sections. It is also much more fun:

Clive James' diary in the London Review of Books, 10th January, 1983 The references are hard to grasp even for someone born in the UK in 1978 but it's wild to reflect on a handful of them


Came to that after looking into my constituency: My dad has been confirmed as my proxy for the election so I will have a vote for once.

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I understand people taking a pop at Corbyn - he's not what I want as a Labour leader - but let's remember why he got elected. Here's a list of Labour MPs who did not vote against a Tory welfare bill which abolished legally-binding child poverty targets.

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