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Masto tutoring 

Would any of y'all be willing to pay me to tutor you in academic writing?

We could skype and you could hear my vocal fry and we could google share what you want to work on.

My new e-bookshop is open!

I believe discovery, fairness and inclusivity are at the heart of digital bookselling.

Inclusive and DRM-free
All formats for all devices, no need to convert. You get a DRM-free e-book that works and is yours to keep.

Fair means fair
Authors get 80% of the profit. No deep discounts, or e-books that cost the same as the print version.

Genuine discovery
A curated e-bookshop, every title read and loved before hitting the shelves.

This piece very effectively details all the issues with Brave's business model that I have been talking about. I wish the tone didn't come across as biased as it does, but the information is all accurate. It's definitely worth a read.

Anyone care to give feedback on these videos? I have a couple of pointers and hosting them at least additionally on PeerTube is a given, but that aside?

If there's just one advice I could give my younger self, it'd be to keep a diary, and to do so consistently throughout my life, not just when I feel like it.

Insomniac musings 

I'm easy on the inputs right now - typically engaging with Mastodon only through toot at the minute, which is conveniently enigmatic as far as notifications go (though I often get few enough the whole social media thing overlaps with my internal monologue, as it is intended to). I will change that soon but I'm not feeing that yet: I have some work to do. @krozruch

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Insomnia - musings 

I have been doing one hell of a lot of work. I'm rather burned out, but also pretty energised by that. May be too tired to sleep - cross-country skiing, lots of walking, writing, coding - or it may be a combination of thoughts about a coming launch, Iran (I saw it coming and was most depressed by it 12-18 months ago), New Year takings of bearings etc.

Happy New Year! Maybe you're feeling it. Maybe you're not, but let's all of us do what we can to make 2020 a little better than it's been of late. Peace, love, empathy, and all that we forget sometimes. Joy whenever you can

anyway we're going into 2020 and now more than ever in our lives, please let me encourage you: now is the time to just go completely goddamned hogwild with whatever your Thing is. doesn't matter if anybody else gets it, that ain't the point. just Do You; we're literally approaching the first major Cyberpunk Year from like every sleazy early-mid-90s RPG splatbook and now is not the time to be coy about self-identity.

Three Quotes from G.K Chesterton 

A horrible suspicion that has sometimes haunted me is that the Conservative and the Progressive are secretly in partnership. That the quarrel they keep up in public is a put-up job, and that the way they perpetually play into each other’s hands is not an everlasting coincidence.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - excellent film, not so good on a hangover.

Mainly off-line at the moment, Fediverse-wise. Then dipping into toot now and then which does not show notifications. Be back on it sometime in the New Year, maybe, but enjoying having a fairly locked-down firewall right now - late 1990s-style. I have to delete SMS messages on my phone every day to get new ones. All this to brake down into that Xmas / New Year chicane. Also, needed it with where Britain (etc.) is going. Peace out, wherever you're at.

Vox claims all Google’s Face ID data is accessible to the government (3:40)

Updating @writefreely more painless than I thought. Sweet. Still stripped-down, customisable styling, though I probably won't.

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